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Fly Fishing Tour

Garbears Fly Fishing Offers Insider Knowledge for Beginners and Old Pros Alike in A Fun and Informative Fly Fishing Tour.

We also encourage bringing your spinning tackle to entice 

finding and catching trout or small mouth bass on your trip

Have you always wanted to go fly fishing but do not know where to start? Come to the fly fishing guide who enjoys every element of the job from teaching beginners to hanging out and guiding “old pros”. Gary Stevens and team enjoys his role as a premium fly fishing guide for those who want to fish the Eastern United States. He has fished the rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams of Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee extensively and enjoys fishing everywhere he has the opportunity to travel. No two rivers are alike but nearly every time you step into the waters you get that same peace and anticipation and this is one of the many things that make fly fishing a great way to make a living and a great way to spend a vacation. Those looking to take part in the sport can contact Garbear for a relaxed and informative introduction. If you are already a fly fisherman but want to learn more about the areas Gary fly fishes , you can still schedule a fly fishing tour for insider tips and locations.
Fly fishing is a fun sport that offers those who work hard and live busy lives during the week an excuse to unwind and clear their mind in nature at the end of the day or every weekend. No matter your level of skill or even if you have never picked up a single rod in your life you can have fun on a fly fishing tour and learn a ton while you are at it. Who knows maybe you will pick up a whole new hobby you can partake in anywhere you travel.

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